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Jesus Christ

In an effort to get back to writing more often, I'm going to start with people and may stray to topics, but I just want to get back in the habit of writing on a daily basis. So, here goes:

Jesus Christ

"Have you hear the word of our Lord Jesus?"...LOL. Just kidding. I haven't "found" him unfortunately, so he remains lost. I just thought I'd start with a biggie as I some definitive ideas about the man.

First of, he was a man. No doubt in my mind that Jesus was a real person who existed in Jerusalem. No doubt about his father Joseph and mother Mary either. Although I will say I have doubts about the obvious; his appearance. Jesus was not white. That's to say he certainly wasn't a redheaded, pasty-skinned fella in the middle of the Middle-East. I firmly believe that, though I don't think he was African, he was definitely a semite.

Secondly, I don't think he was the "son of God". Add to this the whole virgin birth thing. I think he was the son of Joseph and Mary, and he had brothers and sisters and lead a pretty un-extraordinary life up until his prophet days. This is simply another means by religious organizations to deify an ordinary guy to make themselves beyond reproach. "Hey Pope! You and your minions just crusaded across Europe and the Middle-East with impunity, killing millions...wtf?!" "Uh, Jesus told us to do it and he IS the son of God...sorry."

Third, I don't believe in the miracles. Miracles are a lot of mumbo-jumbo designed to do exactly what I believe Jesus was dead set against...deification. This is the crucial point of my whole theory and feelings about the man. He believed that we could raise the bar on humanity and was willing, albeit not in a crazy, zealot, suicide bomber sort of way, to die for it. I think he criticized the church for it's ignorance, willful abuse, and perversion of the ideas of Judaism and was executed at the whim of the Pharisees because of it.

The miracle is simply that someone in any day or age is willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the world. Frankly, we're not really worth it, and the way we've perverted Jesus' name and whored it out in the name of politics and religious organizations is proof positive (or is that negative). Adding the elements of the supernatural is just polluting the message and using it for other ends, which is quite obvious given the crimes carried out in his name over the centuries (don't think I'm letting Islam off the hook, but I'm speaking from the end of the faith pool where I dipped my toes).

Overall though, I think it would have been a drag to know Jesus. So few people are really able to adhere to the outlandish principles of any religion, and most people bend the rules a little if not a lot. Or they incorporate some sort of atonement or free pass period to be bad in order to let off some steam (Carnivale, Marti Gras, etc.). I can't imagine walking around in the desert listening to this guy for long without just going, "ok, buddy, I'm only human...I need a drink and to get laid". Add to it, if you've ever hung out with anyone who was loony on some religious kick, they get old very quickly. That's why cults never last and you just end up all hopped up on kool-aid or marrying 20 women.

I think Jesus was a good guy who's sacrifice really did save the world by forcing us to treat each other better...just enough to keep us from wiping each other out. And Christianity unified enough people into a common belief system to allow us the advances in technology, agriculture and politics to really examine our beliefs. I believe that, while he may not have every intended this, Christ allowed us to develop to the point where we could continue to evolve spiritually. Hopefully, there will be someone that comes along and allows us to take that next step and evolve to the point where we no longer need gods and monsters to treat each well.