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Writer's Block: Cyberstalking

Do you keep tabs on ex-boyfriends and -girlfriends over social networking sites? Do you think it's emotionally healthy or dangerous? Amusing or painful?

I did at one point, because my marriage ended so abruptly, I was looking for some kind of closure and certainly didn't get it from my ex. I found it to be so painful to see her move on to a new relationship within days of walking out on 13 years together, 10 married, and leaving me with three kids (granted, that worked out for the best for everyone and I'm proud of how I rose to that challenge in hindsight, but it was terrifying at the time).

It took me a long time to realize that obviously, anyone who could do that was a piece of garbage, and it wasn't worth rubbing my own face in it any more. I did get some updates on where she was when I tried to sue for child support, which she dodged as she did most responsibilities, but I have not actively looked for on the net. I'm to the point now where the hurt of what she did to me and the kids has worn down to a dull ache, which I don't feel most days. She seems so small and useless now. I really don't have the time nor inclination to bother with her any more.



Wow! You ended up with the kids? I'm impressed. It's a shame to see children go to the mother by default, even when it's painfully clear that she is an unfit parent. Even though I don't know you and all, I'm proud! You really hit a homerun there for Dads everywhere. :)
Thanks. It was kind of by default, but it worked out well. I can't believe I've been doing it for going on 3 years now. Time flies...LOL.
I give you a lot of credit for dealing so well with such a crappy ending. Your kids are very lucky to have you as such a strong and responsible parent. I wish you the very best of luck as you finish raising them!
Thanks very much. Much appreciated.